Get to know me A-Z

age= 20
B bank=where I workC chocolate and creamed rice= my favourite foodsD dad= the most Important person in my lifeE eating= something I love doingF family= mum, dad, 2 brothers, 1 sister
G grandmother= the lady who I look up to
H heat= I love hot weather
I ironing= something I hate
J jojo= the name of the baby joey kangeroo I raredK kelpie= the breed of my dog Tess
L leggings= one of my favourite clothing Items
M muffins= my favourite thing to bake
N name= Karly
O onesies= the best pajamas ever Invented
P plains= the name of our family farm
Q quiet= I can be shy until people get to know me
R recovery= my number one priority right now
S summer= my favourite season
T tasmania= the state of Australia where I live
U uncle Toby's oats= my favourite breakfast food 
V vacations= what I love to go on
W Walk my dog= something that clears my head
X Xmas time= my favourite time of the year
Y yolo (you only live once)= I use for inspiration
Z zzzzz (sleeping)= something I love but can't get enough of


  1. Heeeeeey Karly ;)
    Woooooow *_* you seem like such a lovely, fun, sweet, brave girl ;) you can be so proud of what you already have reached :-* this is really really inspiring for me I can honestly tell you =) and I love the fact we really have a lot in common :) I would love you to keep up your blog and get to know much more about you and your journey ;) <3 I will definitively follow it ;) And I think it is so cool you live in Australia, which seems like another world to me ;) I would looooooove to go there someday ;)
    Seeeeeending you so much love from Germany ;) <3
    xxx Ange

    1. Hi Ange. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I could see that we had a lot in common when I first started reading your blog. Recovery is soooo hard but I honestly believe that we can help each other through it. Talking to others with anorexia makes me feel less alone and It is so good to be able to talk openly with others without the fear of being judged. So far I am really enjoying blogging and am excited about what it may bring for me in terms of recovery. Helping others recover is equally important to me as my own recovery so If I can help you or anyone else to recover in anyway, that would be amazing. I am looking forward to chatting to you soon Ange. :) Karly xxx

    2. Heeey again =) it is so nice to talk to yooou Sweetie ;) I also think it helps so much sharing experiences and advices and also reaching out for help if it is needed :)
      Oh yeees blogging can be so much fun and I also enjoy it and it is so exciting getting to know so many new and interesting people through it =) just as you seem to be :) I hope to hear so much more of you and we can share our stories just a little bit more ;) I really enjoy reading your blog and keep the good work up ;) Soooo hihiiiii can you tell me if you like Nutella Karly? ;) I think you know why I am asking :) :-*
      xxx Ange

    3. Of course I like nutella Ange! I absolutely love banana and nutella on toast and eat it quite often. I might not love It quite as much as you (but does anyone really?? Haha)but I would definitely still consider myself a fan! I am more of a nut butter girl ;) I love peanut butter and cashew butter. Having the freedom to be able to eat these types of yummy foods is AMAZING. I honestly don't know how I went years without eating nice foods. I definitely wouldn't be able to go back to how I once was. I would simply miss eating too much.

      I don't really have any people In my life that I can talk openly with about my anorexia so I'm so excited to have someone to share my journey with. Hopefully we can offer each other advice, understanding and support.
      Karly xx

    4. Awwww *_* I am glad you liiiiike my wonderful Nutellaaaaaaaaa as well :) hahaaaa this is so nicely said ;) I actually also don´t know anyone I think who has fallen for it in the manner I did :) hihiiiiiiii *_* as my blog already says it :Nutella saved my life :) <3
      Oooooh this is funny, when I was younger I really didn´t like the taste of nut or peanut butter or anything like this, but since recovery I am actually a fan of it as well I think, it tastes very very special :)
      Hahaaa yes I absolutely share this opinion with you ;) I enjoy those types of food so so much, I really can´t live without them ;) it really is a shame to restrict to one of them :)
      Oh I am so sorry for you having no one to talk openly about your feelings and anorectic thoughts :( I would love to help you according to this ;) I am here with an open ear for you hunni ;) You really can tell me all you feel unsure about and I hope I can support you on your getting healthy journey ;) And I am so sure I can learn so much from you and your knowledge as well ;) your post about hospital was so interesting and new for me and it really helped me a lot :)
      SO I love the thought of us helping each other in our recovery ;) people like you are very important for me in this process, so thank you so much already ;) xxx Ange

  2. I'm like 3 months into recovery and I just wanna thank you for ur blog.

    1. Hi there, I am so glad to hear that you are currently trying to recover and I really do wish you all the best with it. I know how hard recovery is so I just want to say well done! If there are any questions you would like me to answer or if there are any posts topics you would like to read about, please just let me know. I hope that my blog has been helpful to you in some way. Stay strong and keep fighting. You can do this, as long as you believe in yourself. <3 xx

  3. Hi I’m 42 and have suffered with anorexia for almost twenty years now! I have great times where I think I’m anorexia free and then it creeps back up on me! I am suffering with it again now and have lost almost 4 stone in just over a month in weight!
    But keep going I am sure that you’re on the right track! And that you will get on top of this illness and keep it under control


  4. Dear Ange, I am writing to thank you. You helped me understand. I watched documentaries and read. I had an idea what it was about, and I guessed the, why? But none of the people I listened to, said it. When explained why, I was happy and relieved. I commend you on your courage, honesty and perseverance. AOB!!! Dean