Wednesday, 27 January 2016

An overdue update

For so long I kept telling myself that I had to keep fighting my anorexia if I ever wanted to be happy and healthy. I hoped with all my heart that one day all the pain and hard work would pay off but I didnt really know for sure that it actually would be. I can now say, completely honestly and whole heartedly that recovery definetely is worth it!

At this time, for the first time in as long as I can remember, my life is simply amazing. Every day I wake up and cant help but think about just how lucky I am to be where I now am. I have the most amazing boyfriend I could have ever dreamt of having. Not only does he make me feel special and loved every single day, but he is also helping me to respect and appreciate myself, for who I truly am.

I know that if I had not recovered from my eating disorder, I never would have found Nathan and been able to make our relationship work. Although Nathan would be the most wonderful thing that has come out of my recovery, there are many other things that are great about being recovered too.

This year was the best christmas I have had for a very long time and I know that this was only the case because I have recovered. I didnt spend the day worrying about what I could or couldnt eat. I just enjoyed myself and made the most of spending time with my boyfriend and with my family. And I enjoyed eating yummy christmas foods too. For the first time in years I ate as much chocolate, ham, pavlova and sweets as I wanted and my anxiety was basically non existent.

Dont get me wrong. Occasionally I still get an old anorexic like thought or concern about my weight or something I have eaten. However I suppose the difference now is that I am strong enough and healthy enough to ignore these thoughts and to continie to truly love my life. I know I now have way too much to lose by moving back to where I used to be. Simply nothing good can come out of me listening to anorexic thoughts  however I know that  so much good can come out of me ignoring them.

I am sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I have been meaning to post for a while now, to let you all know that I am happy and healthy but life has just been so busy and it really has been hard to find the time. I hope that you too are continuing to gight on your recovery journeys and i promise you all that no matter how hard it may seem at times, it really is worth it!

My boyfriend and I at the Christmas parade

Amys primary school graduation dinner

Still love walking with Tess

I like this photo as I just look so happy 

I finally feel comfortable with my body

My cruise was a blast


  1. Unbelievable. Your life changed soo much and I am glad to see you happy :) enjoy every single day, karly.
    My life changed a lot, too. I'm studying now. I'll become a doctor. It's tough, but I know it's worth it!
    I send you a lot of love ♡

    1. I am so proud of you anna for working hard and following your dreams. Remember you can do anything at all that you aet your heart and mind to. Keep going, your amazing! xxx

  2. Jealous. That's all :-(

    1. The aim of this post was not to make you jealous, but just to show everyone that it is possible to recover and that it is worth it! Its important that you know that you can recover too and live a happy life. You just need to be brave, commit to recovery and push through the hard times. Good luck! Xx

  3. This is so good to read! So many positives. You obviously have a very good insight into your ED and how it all clicks together.
    Love the photos, too!


  4. I wanted to share my experience with my battle. I was getting depressed and mad and my life, until I took back control and started by eating better. It not only helped me to cleanse from within, I began feeling stronger every day and was able to get control of my situation rather then letting the situation take control of me.

    Jeffery @ New Dawn Treatment Centers