Friday, 21 October 2016

My Herbalife Program

I thought I would do a post about my Herbalife program for anyone who may be interested :) all of the products are herbal and therfore safe to use by children, adults, pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Although daily dosages are recommended, you cant over dose on the products. They are literally just like food but in another form.

Firstly, the two core products are the f1 nutritional shake mix and the f2 multivitamin. I have either 1 or 2 shakes per day as well as a multivitamin with each main meal. The shakes come in lots of flavours but my favourite is vanilla. As well as providing all of the nutrients and minerals your body needs each day in perfect balance, these products also work to cleanse the villi in your intestines so that you can properly absorb all of the nutrients you consume throughout the day.

I also use a supplement called cell-u-loss which helps your body and cells to maintain perfect water balance. This therefore reduces unhelthy water retention and keeps your kigneys functioning optimally. Another product I take twise daily is, NRG or Natures Raw Gurana. This supplement helps enormously with energy levels as well as alertness and concentration so I have found it very helpful whilst studying at university. I also take a probiotic complex which helps to restore and maintain the perfect balance of healthy bacteria in the gut.

I use both Mango and mandarin Aloe concentrates which literally cleanse your insides and assist in digestion as well as drink up to 5 cups of peach herbal tea most days which is full of antioxidants, gives me energy and keeps my metabolism running FAST! There is also a apple flavoured active fibre complex which I have occasionally to keep me regular and to keep my digestive system functioning optimally. Lift off is another great product I use which is like a caffeinated powder that you add to water to make an energy boosting delicious fizzy drink.

Two other supplements which arent includes in my ultimate program but that I opt to take anyway are joint support and tang kuei plus. I find the joint support really minimises my joint pain sue to my ligamentous laxity and the Tang Kuei Plus is a wonderful relaxant which helps me to destress and also sleep.

Finally I also use products from the sports range. The f1 sports nutritional mix can be used to make shakes prior to exercise instead of the regular f1, which substitutes a couple of ingredients with others that better prepare your body for exercise and activity. CR7 drive is a delicious tangy guava powder that I add to water for better performance and endurance whilst working out and rebuild strength is another chocolate favoured shake mix which I have after I have a strength training class as it helps my muscles to recover and repair.

I have found my recovery has come so far since I started these products and after abusing my body for so many years, it feels so good to know that I am now providing my body with all the nutrition and energy it needs to function optimally! I have so much energy now and am so thankful that I am now able to experience dynamic health, every single day!


  1. Wow - that's heck of a lot of supplements you take for a supposedly healthy diet, not too sure about that myself. Surely you would be better off ditching the supplements and eating a good healthy balanced diet instead? All sounds a bit far fetched to me.
    just my opinion.

    1. I dont know about that, all I know is that my Herbalife program has changed my life! For the the first time in as long as I can remember I bounce out of bed every morning full of energy and fully motivated and excited to start my day. As well as the incredible energy shift I have experienced, I also now have the focus and mental clarity to be successful in my studies without the stress and anxiety I used to experience.

      Before starting Herbalife, I had accepted the fact that I would be living with an eating disorder for the rest of my life. Now, for the first time ever, making a full recovery seems possible. Every day I feel myself getting healthier, both physically and mentally, and for that reason, I will be forever grateful for Herbalife! :)

  2. HI Karly, it is so nice to see you doing so well and you seem so happy. It definitely looks like you have more energy and a good mindset which is wonderful. I do agree with the other comment though. Just be careful of Herbalife. It is well marketed, even to the employees and it really just a money making business over everything else. I am not saying that it hasn't helped you. Perhaps it has. Or perhaps it is just the change in lifestyle and the social connections rather than the products themselves. There are a lot in your daily diet, so just be careful, ok? Much love.