Sunday, 6 March 2016

Making big changes

In the last few months, I have been thinking a lot about my life at the moment and the future. While doing this I came to the realisation that if I want to stay with my boyfriend, then one of us were going to have to make a move as we live 3 hours apart. So since I definetely want to stay with my boyfriend and miss him A LOT when we are apart, I have decided to move to Launceston with him, which is a city an hour and a half away.

My plan is to work for the year and save some money before possibly going back to university next year. My boyfriends parents own a house in Launceston that we will be living in and my boyfriend plans to continue working in his current job but travel about an hour to get there each day and then another hour to get back. I feel bad that he will have to do so much travelling but also quite honoured that he loves and cares about me enough so that he is willing to travel.

It has been a big decision, to leave my life, job and family behind in Swansea but I am excited for what the future holds. I have decided to make the move up to Launceston over the easter period and honestly cant wait. Although I am not looking forward to actually packing up all my house and cleaning it from top to bottom at all.

Some people have expressed their concern about me giving up my job and moving away to live with someone who I have been with for less then 6 months, but I honestly feel in my heart that it is the best thing to do. Ever since getting sick I have realised that all that truly matters in life is being happy and my boyfriend makes me incredibely happy. So I'm not going to pass up on the opportunity to be with the one person who makes me truly happy out of fear that something could go wrong.


  1. Wow, congratulations! It is a big decision, but I think it's a situation where, if it feels right, go with your gut.

    Good luck <3

    1. Thanks Bella! Its nice to have someone understanding and supporting my decision! :) I hope your doing ok gorgeous! Xx

  2. Hi Karly!
    I only just found your blog, and it's so great to see you've made a full recovery from anorexia. Started reading through some of your posts and I'm looking forward to reading more, I identify a lot with the struggles you've faced.

    Your moving city, making such an exciting change, is an inspiration. To know that after the recovery journey, life's gonna be filled with opportunities! Wishing you all the best with you 'literal' journey, and I'll be following from now on. :-)

    Dan x

    1. Hi there Dan,

      Thankyou so much! I really hope that my posts can be of some help to you. Sometimes I find it just helps to be able to really relate to someone as it stops us feeling so alone.

      Goodluck in your own recovery journey Dan. All I can say is that its not easy but it's definetely possible and its definetely worth it.

      Karly XX