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Surviving christmas with an eating disorder article

Christmas with EDwww

15 Helpful Tips for the Holiday Season

  1. Think about what might trigger you over the holiday season, and plan some coping strategies in advance. Identify a support person who is available to listen to you if you feel overwhelmed.
  2. If you are travelling away on holidays, take some resources that will support you while you're away – e.g. books, phone numbers or helpful websites.
  3. Try to find out beforehand what food will be served at an event, if that will help to reduce your anxiety. If appropriate, you could offer to take ‘safe’ food to share so you will feel comfortable that there is something you can eat.
  4. If you don’t feel comfortable eating at an event, have something healthy and delicious before you attend to help you to avoid feeling hungry or overeating later.
  5. Remember, people are usually too busy enjoying their own meal and chatting to be focused on watching what and how much you eat!
  6. Many people overeat on Christmas Day and often comment on the quantity they have eaten. Remember their comments are not aimed at you.
  7. Consider using some Mindful Eating techniques to reduce the likelihood of bingeing during the day.
  8. Plan and discuss family visits and what may happen, especially with people you haven’t seen for a while. You can think of what they may say, and what responses you might give them. Practice saying these out loud.
  9. If someone makes a comment about your appearance, remember that you don’t have to take their comments on board. Let the words wash over you.
  10. Remember that the urge to binge or purge is just that – an urge that will come and go. Give yourself permission to acknowledge the urge, and let it go.
  11. If you are expecting to be part of a large family gathering, plan what you will do to give yourself 'time out' from the crowd.
  12. Give yourself permission to experience your own emotions on the day. Remember you don't have to be happy and smile all the time - no one expects it.
  13. Over the holiday period you may have some time off from school, work or university. This provides a great opportunity to engage in some activities you haven't tried before – or if you’d rather chill out and do nothing at all, that’s fine too!
  14. If you are receiving results from school or university, or applying for further study, remember that your grades do not define your worth.
  15. If you are struggling and need to chat, call your local eating disorders helpline. If you are in Victoria, contact 1300 550 236 or

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