Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A typical days intake

I thought I would share with you all a typical days intake for me now that I am weight restored. So this is what I ate yesterday as well as what I ate today. I try my hardest to get a good balanced intake with lots of healthy nutritious foods as well as enjoying some yummy treats too.

Please rememeber that if you are still trying to gain weight, you should be eating more then this amount. In fact, you may need to eat more then this just to maintain your weight. Everyone is different and just because this amount of food fuels my body efficiently does not mean it will necessarily fuel yours.

Yesterday's food diary
Breakfast: 2 sachets of uncle toby's flavoured oats prepared with 50% milk and 50% water

Morning tea: 1 packet of mini oreo cookies and a kiwi fruit

Lunch: 3 round crumpets with cream cheese, a kiwi fruit and jelly with custard

Afternoon tea: an apple, 2 sweet 'tic toc' biscuits and 1 chocolate biscuit

Tea: Crumbed chicken pieces and mashed potato with gravy and lots of extra mixed vegetables (carrot, caulliflower and broccoli)

Dessert: an Apple and a tub of warm vanilla rice pudding

Today's food diary
Breakfast: 4 wheetbix biscuits topped with 1/2 Cup of vanilla custard

Morning tea: 1 apple and 3 sweet 'tic toc' biscuits

Lunch: 2 pieces of wholemeal pita bread topped with cream cheese and diced ham, 1 strawberry Fruche yoghurt and 1 kiwi fruit

Afternoon tea: 3 cruskit biscuits with vegemite and cheese and a small kinder chocolate bar

Tea: 250g of Special fried rice with heaps of vegetables (carrots, caulliflower and broccoli) and soy sauce

Dessert: 1 banana and a tub of chocolate flavoured custard


  1. It's wonderful to hear that you're thriving in your recovery! Do you find it easy to eat or are you still challenging yourself to eat? Xoxo

    1. Thanks Annie! In all honesty, whilst I am eating my regular intake I am not challenged at all to eat. I do find it more difficult however when I eat a lot more than usual (like when I stay stay boyfriends place where his mum cooks for us etc.) But I get through it anyway and I know that this is helping me continue to get stronger.

      I really do hope that oneday I will stop being so worried about what I eat but I really dont know. Idont feel as if it's a massive problem, just that I am a VERY mindful eater. Xx

  2. Thanks for sharing :) It's always good to see what people eat in recovery.

    Tic Toc biscuits are the best :D I might need to buy a pack - I haven't had them in years!


    1. Thats ok. I ate way more when I was actually in recovery but this is just my maintainance intake :)

      Yes, tic toc biscuits were my favourite childhood biscuit too. Those, Raspberry shortcakes and hundreds and thousands biscuits :) xx

  3. Karly :) i didn't read any blogs the last few months, so i didn't know you're back! It makes me really happy to read about your days again and now i'll start and read every single post :D
    Big hug to you ❤

    1. Hi there Anna! I dont blog anywhere near as much as I used to but I just like to check in occasionally to let everyone know how i'm going. I hope your doing ok Anna, I would love to hear how you are! <3 lots of love xxx