Saturday, 16 April 2016

Feeling happy and comfortable in my own skin

Today I am going to the football with my boyfriend and some of his family which will be great! I just have to wait for my boyfriend to get home from work (I know, only my boyfriend is crazy enough to vuluntarily work on his Saturday mornings after a whole week of working atleast 10 hours everyday). 

As I got ready this morning, I found it so nice to be accepting of myself and how I looked as this never would have happened to me in the past. Although i still have times when I feel self conscious and suffer from poor self esteem, it is just great to feel confident in my own skin sometimes too. 

Here are a few selfies I took this morning to mark this wonderful achievement of bejng able to accept myself, the way I truly am supposed to be. I encourage everyone in recovery from an eating disorder to aim for this type of self acceptance as it really is the most wonderful feeling, when you no longer hate everything about yourself all the time.


  1. You're so beautiful! Believe in yourself lovely! Xxx

    1. Thanks so much gorgeous Annie. I hope your doing ok <3 xxx