Thursday, 7 July 2016


Ever since starting my recovery I have really started to learn the importance of looking after your body. While I have done a much better job of this over the past 12 months then I had previously, I have decided that I would like to take that a step further and really start to nourish my body. I am hoping that this will improve my energy levels and get my body functioning optimally so that I can feel happier and healthier.

I have decided to start a Herbalife program which I hope will help me to feel more energetic and which I also hope will help me to fuel my body. Its by no means a weightloss program, but instead a wellness program which I may transition into a muscle building program if I decide to in the future. If you would like to find out more about Herbalife, follow this link. I have decided to start off with a protein plus starter pack as well as a herbal peach tea which is really supposed to help with your energy levels.

I have also joined a gym which I hope will allow me to grow fitter and stronger whilst taking the herbalife products and of course eating lots of good foods too. I am defintely not planning on taking the herbalife products instead of eating, I just plan to incorporate them into my diet. For example I might have a tea with my breakfast, and a shake with my lunch and add the protein powder to things I already eat ie. My morning oats or other snacks.

I have made my consultant aware of my history of anorexia and she is really excited for me as she believes Herbalife will really help me. She too was once really underweight and Herbalife has really helped her to transform her body and life. She asked me to write 20 goals and also do some before shots so that we can use them to see any progress I make. Here they are :)

1. Increase my confidence
2. Learn to eat more intuitively 
3. Cut back on sugary processed foods 
4. give my body the nutritious food it deserves
5. Get stronger
6. Gain some weight (in the form of muscle)
7. Become more energized 
8. Tone my muscles
9. Get fitter
10. Do a fun run for charity
11. Have a well balanced life 
12. Develop a healthier relationship with food
13. Stop counting calories
14. Learn to listen to my body
15. let myself rest when I need to
16. Develop a more positive body image
17. Prove to other sufferers that full recovery from anorexia is possible 
18. Increase my positivity and enthusiasm 
19. Run 10 kilometers
20. Visit the gym regularly  (atleast 3-5 times a week)


  1. I must admit I was a little bit worried about you when I started reading this, because it says about weight loss, which you definitely don't need! But if you can incorporate it into what you're already eating, I hope it makes you feel good and strong! Take care lovely xoxo

    1. It all depends on what products you take and how you use them :) and my consultant is going to guide me very closely which will ensure I dont lose weight. Im hoping it helps me to feel healthy and strong! I hope your feeling a little better gorgeous girl xxx

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