Monday, 2 November 2015

A very productive morning

This morning I have ad a very productive morning which is fantastic. After sleeping in until 6:45, I got up and made myself some breakfast before starting to clean my house.

My house was a huge mess as I really haven't had a chance to do any housework for over two weeks, but I feel so much better now that it is practically done. First I just tidied up and gathered aall of the clothes and other things that were aprawled across the floor over my whole house. I gathered up all of my washing, vacuumed the floor, washed and dried up, cleaned my kitchen, changed my bed linen and made up the beds. Now I just have to try my hardest to keep my house in the state that it currently is, as I realy hate mess.

It in't a very nice day outside so I decided to light my fire and haven't yet taken Tess for her morning walk. Mum is going to call in durin her lunch break which will be nice and am hoping to have a chat to her and get some advice on some of the drama going on at the moment in my life haha. Even though mum and I have certanly had some problems over the years, she has made it very clear to me over the last ew months that f I ever need to taalk to her about anything I can, which I reallly appreciate. She often talks about the fact that she never had anyon to talk to about boys or anything like that and that she doesn't want me to go through the same thing.

Sometimes I just wish that life didn't have to bbe so complicated. Its so unfair that some people seem to have no trouble at all finding a boyfriend but I obviously just have a real talent for falling for the wrong guys. Even though we we both always seem to like one another a lot, there always seems to be something standing in the way of us being togther. Buut I am not going to let this get me down I am so happy and enjoying life so much right now that I am ot going to let anything, especially boys get in the way. I know that eventally things will work out ok if I am patient.

 Sorry, I didn't mean for this post about my day to turn into a post about my love life haha... Now back to my day. I just had a delicious morning tea of a banana and a chocolate pop tart. I have also been snacking on black jelly beans throughout the morning too, which I am slightly addicted to at the moment haha.
morning tea: banana and choxolate pop  tart

I am going to take my sister Amy to Swimming training after school which I am really looking forward to watchinng. I loved swimming so much when I was younger and according to mum, Amy sims just like I used to. I just hope that Amy's Collar bones don't dislocate as mine eventually did and force her to stop swimming, like mine forced me to. And after swiming I am going to bring Amy back to my place where she has to get read for netball. Then once she leaves Iwill proably just take Tess for her evening walk and cook myself something nice for tea. Since I hve beenso late getting home each night I haven't had the chance to reallly cook much ove the last few weeks. Everynight I ust seem to have microwave rice or patsa meals with vegetables or salad.

I hope that everyone has a great day. Remember that in order to make your dreams come true, you need to work hard and fight for them. And that every day that you dont fight, you are onnly stopping yourself getting closer from recovery and from being truly happy :)

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