Sunday, 1 November 2015

Life is way too short to always go for the lower calorie option

Something I have realised in my recovery, is that like really is way to short to only ever eat fat free or low caorie products, jut because your eating disorder tells you that you should. Thr truth is, I think that free yoghurt tasted terible so nevereat in anymore. In fact, my favourite sort of yoghurt i the full fat type that I comfortably eat reglarly. Now I am so much heathier I look back and ask myself why did I eat something I didn't even like for so long. Since becoming so much healthier, I only ever eat things if I realy love them (which incluudes most foods haha) and I love and enjoy food now more then I ever have before!

Yesterday morning I went to make my usual bowl of oats to have with my toast but I was really dissappointed to find that the milk had expired and I couldn't use it. I decided to make my oats with water instead of milk as this is always how I used to eat then whilst I was sick and I was shocked by just how awful they tasted.  They were testeless and also had a awful consistency, which reminded me a bit of clag glue. Even when I added some extra berries to try and make them a bit more flavoursome, they still tasted awful. So never again will I be eating oats prepared with water, as they really are gross!

Once again, looking back I still can't believe that I ate those awful oats so much when I was sick and am so glad that I put other things before calories when making food choices now, like what I feel like and enjoy most. Every food option I ever made was based upon number of calories and fat content once, but now none of them are and it feels great. I know now that I dont have to choose salad with dressing on the side everytime I go out to a restaurant and instead I can order something I love like chicken schnitzel with chips and salad or even a ceasar salad.

So please, dont waste any more of your life eating the 'safe' option if there are other things that you could be eating and that you enjoy much more. Once you make the change and start eating the foods that you truy love, instead of just the things that your norexia makes you eat, I assure you that you will have a much better relationshipp with food and it will makee you feel great! There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to foods you love or making your food taste better by adding things like milk, oil, sauce or sugar. Yes, this may add some calories but those calories cant hurt you and it is well worth it if it means you will enjoy your food even more!


  1. Very true! Even now in the midst of it, I'm trying to learn a sense of balance instead of just going for the lowest calorie everything. For example, the lightest cheese doesn't melt (or have much flavour), so I get a reduced-fat one. I don't bother eating ice cream much anymore, unless it's from my favourite local shop (and is certainly not low in anything)! Cooking with low-fat spread weirds me out, so I either use real butter or oil if needed. I think it's part of the foodie in me :)


    1. Exactly Bella! :D I can tell that you understand exactly what I was trying to say in this post! <3 xxx

  2. Low calorie =/= nutritious!!! I don't have any food fears anymore but I still struggle with eating right amounts. By right I mean eating enough. I just have no idea how much I should eat to gain! But I don't want to count calories so I'm a bit stuck:(