Thursday, 12 November 2015

I love having a clean house

Athough I cant say I really enjoy cleaning up my house that much, I think that having a clean house at he end of it gives you the best feeling! I hate clutter and I hate mess but ufortunately I just dont have the time or energy whilst I am working everyday to get in and clean up. I know that the best solution to this problem would be to not let the place get in a mess in the first place, however no matter how hard I seem to try, the place always gets really messy.

Clothes end up on the floor in my bedroom, loungeroom and bathroom, dirty washing gets thrown in the laundry and the floor gets dirty too (mainly due to feathers and bird seed being scattered around tthe house from my bird cage. So Thrsdays have basically become my weekly clean up day. So today I have cleaned my sinks and toilet, done a load of clothes washing, Vacuumed and mopped all the floors, made my bed, unpacked my bags afer babysitting last saturday which were still sitting on my kitchen table, sorted all the clothes scattered around my house and I have completely cleaned my kitchen too.

So now it feels good to be sitting back and looking around at a clean and orgaized house. Also, another great thing about having Thursday to do all my housework is that it means I don't have to do it on the weekends. Instead, on the weekends I can just enjoy myself and relax. It is still rainly so I really dont think I will be able to get my washing dry. I think I will just put it in my mums dryer when I take Amy home today after she finishes school. Poor Tess isn't hapy that I haven't taken her for a walk yet today, but if the  rain stope I may take her for a little walk this afternoon.

Once I finished my housework, Ilaid n the couch to watch some Grays anatomy and actually fell asleep for almost an hour. By the time I woke up I was hungry so had a delicious lunch and now I am just waiting for my mum to come and visit me in her lunch break. Then it will basically be time for me to take Amy home. I hope that everyone is having a great day! :)

Egg, Mayo and Lettuce Sandwich with a creamy Blueberry yoghurt and an Apple


  1. Yes! I'll admit I'm not the best with day-to-day upkeep at the moment, but once I get started, I love a good cleaning spree. I've been on one the last few days, and the house looks better than it has in months.

    I love seeing your meals. It's nice seeing someone else from Australia eating similar types of meals (I always find I have trouble relating to a lot of international blogger's meals, especially breakfast and lunch).


  2. I love egg mayo sandwiches hun <3 and tess is so adorable in her little house!!
    hun please if you get a chance could you lok at my post about my meal plan, i would love to hear your opinion of my approach to getting back into it. its not the same meal plan as the hospital hun since i am not very underweight and dont have as much weight to gain.
    thanks hun <3 i'll answer your email tomorrow dear. Things are getting so much better hun, thanks to your help. I fought hard against Ed today and Im feeling really happy that I did.

    All my love dear <3
    emmy xxxxx