Monday, 9 November 2015

Being a healthy weight and liking your body

Something that I never though would be possible for me when I was sick, was to be able to accept my body at a healthy weight. I can honestly say however that I do not only accept my body the way it now is, but I actually like my body now too.

Not only do I feel healthy and fit, but it is so good for none of ny bones to stick out anymore and for me to have a healthy bmi. I know that I no longer look sick to other people anymore and my body is no longer being harmed by me starving it of the nutriwnts and energy it needs.

If someone said I could choose to lose some weight instantly, I can honestly say that I actually would not do it. I really have no desire to lose weight anymore and dont want to be any thinner then I already am. I no longer see being underweight as desirable or attractive. I would much rather look fit and healthy, like I currently do.

Learning to accept and appreciate my body wasnt an easy task. But just like everything else in my recovery, I believed I could eventually do it and worked at it until it happened. If I have learnt anything in my recovery, it really is that anything is possible, even those things that seem completely inpossible, whilst you are sick.

My  whole life I believed that it was wrong to like the way you look but now I know that this isnt wrong at all. In fact, it is something we should all aspire to do. In no way does it make us arrogant, it only allows us to appreciate our bodies and have a healthy self esteem.


  1. You look like you've had a great day! Must have been so refreshing in the heat! :)

    Hope you have an awesome day today! :)

    1. I did thank you! :) i hope that you are healthy and happy too <3 x