Monday, 2 November 2015

People don't only run to lose weight

Something that people often fail to understand is that weight loss is only one possible goal for someone who runs or exercises. Just because some people may start running to help them lose weight, this does not mean that everyody does. Isuppose the raeson that I have decided to write this post is beacuse I have received comments from different people suggesting that it would be stupid for me to run. They have said that I have no need to run as i am already thin and that running would make me lose all of the weight that I have managed to gain in my recovery. 

Personally, I do not agree with any of these satements. I can honestly say that I do not want to lose weight anymore and therefore weight loss is definetely the reason why I exercise. I actually like my body the way it curently is and therefore if I did decide to start running or to do any other forms of exercise, it would not be because I have the goal of losing weight. I would only do it for enjoyment and also for my fitness and health. Afterall, there is nothing wrong with wanting to exercise so that you can be fit and healthy, as long as you are not taking it to any unhealthy extremes.

So I do not think anyone should judge me or critisize me if I want to start doing a bit of running. As long as I fuel my body with the energy that it needs, there isnt anything unhealthy about me going for a run sometimes. If I ever started to feel as though I was only running to try and lose weight then I agree that it is not healthy for me to run, but whilst that is not the case, I know that running is not bad for me. Also, I agree that it would no be a good idea for me to run whilst I was underweight but since I am not underweight, I dont really have to worry about that either. 

I was actually reading an article in the newspaper yesterday about how to eat and fuel your body whilst exercising, depending upon what your goals of exercising are. For example if you do want to lose weight, which may be necessary for some people who are overweight, then restricting your intake both before and after exercise was suggested. However if the exercise was purely for fitness purposes, then they reccommendded that you fuel up both before and after exercising, which is exactly what I do. 

What are your opinions on what I have said? Do you also find it frustrating when people fail to see that you don't exercise because you want to lose weight?? Do you have any ideas aboout how you can try to explain to those types of people that there is nothing wrong with exercising, as long as it is for the right reasons?

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