Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Loving food

About a year before I was diagnosed with anorexia, I remember actually stating, 'I could never be anorexic, I love food too much!' It wasnt until I actually got sick myself that I realised you could be anorexic and still love food. In fact, this is very common in many anorexics.

Even now that I have practically recovered , I would say that I love food more then the average person does. I dont know if I have always loved food this much or if it is only since i have had anorexia my love of food has developed. I think that it is perhaps a bit of both , what do you think?

I guess Loving food isnt a bad thing, as long as you are not obsessed. Being able to think about nothing but food all the time really isnt healthy and in my experience, this only happens when i am failing to provide my body with the energy it needs.

So altgough i still do enjoy and even look forward to every meal I eat, I no longer feel obsessed with food. Here are some pictures of two of my meals from today. I really enjoyed both of them, as I do all my meals. I Hope you are having a good week :)
Weet bix with vanilla yoghurt and buttered fruit toast

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