Wednesday, 7 October 2015

5 more hours until I am free

Currently I am in my lunch break so have decided to write a quick post before I head back to work for the afternoon. Although I know it is bad to wish any time away, I really cant wait until today is finally over as tomorrow is the first day I will be having off in a week. Although I would like to just relax and do very little, I have a lot I will need to do.

I have to do a weeks worth of housework which will include vacuuming and mopping the floors as well as washing all my clothes. I am also supposed to be spending some time with Amy as she is on school holidays but I have hardly seen her as I am working so much. I will also walk Tess of course and I hope to get some more of my book read.

Although I wished that I had more then just one single day off before going back to work 7 more day's, I just need to keep thinking about the money I will be able to save for my cruise in December and also the fun I will be able to have, when I finally do have a little more time off. Surprisingly I am coping fine with the extra work at the moment and  am not feeling run down or any more tired then usual.

Although I find it a little hard to get up in the mornings initially, I find that once I have a big breakfast and go for my walk with Tess, I have all the energy and motivation I need to get through my day. It is important that we remember to provide our bodies with extra fuel when we are particularly busy as otherwise we will not be able to function optimally.

Well done for making it to the middle of the week, I hope that you are having a fantastic day! :) x

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