Monday, 5 October 2015

This or that Quiz

I put together this little quiz using some questions I came up with myself as well as some that I found on the net. I hope that it helps you to learn something new about me and please feel free to do this quiz yourself, if you have your own blog :)

Cat or dog
No one in my family likes cats, we are all dog people. Also my little sister is allergic to cats so I don't think I would ever get one.

Pink or blue
To say pink was my favourite colour would be an understatement. I am basically obsessed with the colour and love buying  anything that is pink :)

Cereal or toast
I honestly cant choose, I mostly have both every morning. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!

Country or city
While I enjoy the city in small doses, I am definetely a Country girl and my heart will always be in the country

Walk or run
Although I wish i wasn't so, I can rarely get motivated to run. I absolutely love walking however and it is not unusual for me to walk 10+ kilometers per day.

Samsung or apple
I started off with an Iphone however i now have a samsung Phone and tablet and I love both of them. I dont think I will ever go back to apple now.

Summer or winter
Definetely Summer! I have always preferred warmer weather but especially since having anorexia and being extra sensitive to the cold.

Ocean or river
Even though I love the beach, I think I prefer swimming in rivers as I am really frightened of sealife like sharks, sting rays and jelly fish.

Shorts or skirts
I like wearing skirts occasionally but I wear shorts more often. I love my denim shorts :)

Water or cordial
I like having juice or cordial occasionally but I mainly try to drink water and enjoy drinking water.

Straight or curly
I do like curly hair when it is not crazy or frizzy like mine goes 99% of the time. When this happens i either just put it up in a plait or bun or I straighten it. I like my hair straightened as it is quite long!

Chips or chocolate
While I have chips very occasionally and do like them, I eat chocolate daily and love it even more!

Apples or bananas
I eat more fresh apples then bananas daily but I like adding banana to things like icecream, yoghurt, oats, cereal, toast, nutella or chocolate pudding

Sand or snow
I have only been to the snow once when I was very young. I didnt like it much as my hands were freezing (I didn't take gloves). I have been to the Beach thousands of times however and still love it every time I go.

Maths or science
I was quite good at Maths and science at school however science was always what I loved, especially biology. I loved learning about cells and the body systems and still apply what I know to my own life on a daily basis.

Peas or corn
When I was very young, I hated peas and wouldn't eat them ever and corn was my favourite vegetable. Now however I am not so keen on corn and would probably consider peas to be my favourite vegetable.

Eye liner or mascara
For as long as I can remember, I have never been able to wear eye liner as my eyes water so much whilst I am trying to apply it. I am not sure if it psychological or if my eyes are just super sensitive but it is almost impossible for me to put eyeliner on. I wear mascara everyday however.

Salt or Pepper
I don't really use pepper at all. The only things I put pepper on is pumpkin soup and mashed potato. I LOVE salt though and whilst I don't add it to everything I eat, I always put way too much of it on my vegetables!

Myspace or facebook
I think I made a myspace account however I never actually used it as I just didn't like it. I do go on facebook daily though and think it is a good way to stay connected to people you would not be able to communicate with easily otherwise.

Tea or Coffee
I don't really drink either on a regular basis. If I ever have a hot drink, I am more likely to have a hot chocolate. I have never drank a coffee from a cafe so have only ever tried the instant kind and if I ever have a cup of tea, I like it to be sweet and milky.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings
Definetely Harry Potter. I have all of the books and all of the movies which I have enjoyed watching on many occassions with my little brother. I have never been able to get into Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. I have started watching the films a few times but find them boring so either turn them off or fall asleep.

White or wheat
I love all bread as long as it is fresh and love the smell of freshly baked bread. I prefer wheat bread (or wholemeal as I call it) but also like white. Most days I eat 4 slices of bread which is probably too much but I love it so I don't really care, haha!

Black or White
Growing up, whenever I played chess with my brother he was always black and I was always white as I thought wite was a girlier colour the black. I quite like the colour white and have had white laptops, phones and other electronic devices too.

Tattoo or piercing
I have both my ears pierced and my belly button pierced. While I like the piercings I already have, I dont think I will ever get anymore piercings. I haven't got a tattoo YET but really want to get a recovery tattoo.


  1. I loved this post, Karly. Good to find out more about you! xx <3

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it Annie. I enjoyed putting this quiz together too <3 xx