Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Having a healthy relationship with exercise

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on my roof. Once, this would have caused me a lot of panic and anxiety as it would mean I would either have to go out walking in the rain or not exercise as much that day which was an even more terrifying prospect. This morning however, it did not worry me that it was raining one little bit. In fact I was really happy as we need rain desperately on our farm.

I ate my normal sized breakfast, without even considering eating less and just made the most of having some extra time in my morning to get a few things done. I quickly vacuumed my loungeroom and kitchen as they needed doing badly and I also chatted to a friend on snap chat and straightened my hair (probably a silly idea considering it is raining).
Breakfast this morning

It is a wonderful feeling, not to be worried about exercising less sometimes and to me, this is part of what it means to be recovered. I dofeelalittle sorry for Tess as it means she will only get one walk today but besides that, it doesnt worry me one little bit. I plan toeat just as much today as I usually do and Idont plan on walking any further then I usually do tonight.

I honestly feel as though I have overcome my issues with exercise which I am thrilled about. I wrote this as a part of my 'when im recovered page' and now feel as though I have finally achieved it. In fact Ihave achieved many of the thingson thatlist which just showshow far in my recovery I have come.

Exercise for enjoyment only
I will not feel as though I can't exercise or that I need to limit my exercise, when I want to exercise because my body will be strong and healthy enough to cope with it. I will never feel guilty for not exercising If I am too busy or if I am injured or unwell. I will only exercise when I genuinely want to, purely for enjoyment purposes.

Sohow did I do it? I guess as my mind has continued to get better, my anorexia has just got weaker and weaker. Also, by not giving into any a orexic thoughts Iha e had regarding exercise, I suppose that would ha e made a big difference to. I guess it reallydoesjust prove that if you fight really hard and never give up, anythig is possible! 


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    1. Thanks gorgeous. The strength you continue to display inspires me every day. xxx