Friday, 30 October 2015


As I am sitting here writing this post, I feel extremely silly as I currently have a yoghurt face mask on. My skin has broken out a fair bit in the last few days which is a bit dissappointing as my skin had really improved and was looking much clearer there for a while. Even though I get dissaooointed when my skin gets bad, I am not going to let myself worry about it too much either. Afterall, getting pimples sometimes is just a part of life and something we cant control.

I found a few home remedies on the interne for acne but since I didn't have many of the ingredients, I just had to try the yoghurt and a strawberry one. It probably will make no difference what so ever but it desnt really matter, it feels really nice on my ski anyway and  I am sure it wont do any harm. I have just started usuing the nude by nature make up which I really love, so hopefully it is not the cause of my bad skin at the moment as I dont want to have to stop using it.

I honestly think that my bad skin is mainly due to the cold I seem to be developing as my skin usually gets much worse when I am sick and my immune system gets down. I know I just need to keep focusing on what really matters and not let myself worry about a few pimples. I am feeling far to fantastic at the moment to let anything get in the way, especially a few measly pimples. The biggest challenge for me is not picking at or squezing them as I know that this only make them look much worse.

Do you have any home remedies you like to use to treat acne?


  1. I've never really tried any home remedies. I should though, I have terrible skin. It doesn't help that I pick at it. I've heard used coffee grounds make an amazing exfoliant without damaging the environment with those little plastic beads, but I just use a supermarket cleanser with an exfoliating glove and moisturizer twice a day (or whenever I remember) and a mask once or twice a week (nothing as lush as your yoghurt one though!).


    1. Oh wow.. I have never heard of using ground coffee, might have to try that one. :D I seemed to have tried everything but there are very few products that dont dry my skin out and make it sore as I have incredibly sensitive skin. My skin really has got a lot better now that I am so much healthier though. So hopefully this little btreakout is just a one off! :D x