Sunday, 18 October 2015

Super tired after amazing weekend

Jozzy arrived on Friday night and we had a quick catch up before heading to bed so we could sleep. We had both had very busy weeks at work so both understood how tired we both were and were therefore very happy to get a reasonably early night. I woke early the next morning but laid in bed until about 7 o'clock before getting up out of bed. I only just started making breakfast when joselyn got up too and I was glad to hear she had got a good nights sleep. After having breakfast, we both took Tess for a nice long walk. Jozzy isnt as used to walking as far and fast as me so I slowed down quite a lot but we both really enjoyed getting out and getting moving.

We then went to Bicheno for a drive where we went tosome surf shops. Jozzy bought a really nice new Roxy hoodie and I bought a really nice travelbag as I dont have any luggage bags to take on the cruise (which is less than 6 weeks away now). We then went and visited my brother in his butcher shop and spent some time with him. We went to the take away shop and got lunch which was a nice change. I got a tray of hot chips with gravy (which I havent eaten from a takeaway shop since before I got sick. They were delicious and I ate them all, even though anorexic thoughts did start to arise.

On the way home we visited the bicheno blow hole and we also fed my sisters pet lambs as my parents and sister had gone away for the weekend. Jozzy and I decided to head to the pub to have a few drinks before we went out to tea with my other bestfriend Jemma. Jemma and Jozzy didnt really know each other before that time but I was really glad theygot along well. Fir teaI had a chicken caesar salad which was incredibly nice. Ialso ate some of the girls left over chips afterwards.we had a few more drinks while we were out for tea so by the time we got back to the pub, we were starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. My brother was at the pub so I caught up again with him and talked to heaps of people which was really good. The pub closed at about 11 o'clock so we headed back to my place (there were 5 of us) where we just chatted and had a few drinks before the boys went home and we all went to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good considering I had drank a fair bit and took Tess for a walk at about 9:30. Jocelyn decided she didnt want to go somI left her athomehaving breakfast and got going. When we got ba1ck we decided toget some lunch from nice rolls from the bakery to take up to the river where we were hoping it would be hot and sheltered. I rand Jemma ans asked if she wanted to come and she did so we picked her up and headed off. It was beautiful and warm at the river and wehad a great time sunbaking while chatting, listening to music and reading magazines.

When we left the river, we dropped Jemma home and went to visit our other good friend who was not able to go out much on the weeked as she is currently studying for exams. She appreciated us calling in and giving her a break from her studies and I felt bad leaving her there again, knowing how stressed she must be. We made plans to go to Hobart in a months time for the weekend which willbe good fun though.

Once my family got back home, we went and visited them for a little while before heading backo my place to have tea. Jozzy started driving home shortly after we had tea as she didnt want to get home to late. It was so good catching up with such a wonderful friend who I really dont get tosee often enough and I cant wait tosee her again. Once she left I took Tess for a short walk, went for a shower and then started writing this post. I am feeling absolutey exhausted after only getting a couple of hours sleep last night. And having such a busy weekend but it has been a wonderful weekend, just the same. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much asnI have enjoyed mine. :)


  1. So glad to hear that you had such a wonderful weekend! Aww those baby lambs are so adorable!!! <3 xx