Monday, 12 October 2015

Typical day Food diary

Cashew spread on wholemeal toast and cinnamon and brown sugar oats

an orange, a kiwi fruit and chocolate nut bar

Tomato and onion flavoured tuna spread on 6 premium biscuits (crackers), an apple and a creamy strawberry 

Grapes and a cadbury biscuit chocolate

Spaghetti bolognaise and salted vegetables

Banana custard


  1. Looks good! We have very similar tastes :) I've recently discovered a love for peaches with custard (though, as a kid, we ate bananas or apples topped with cream and sugar!!).


    1. Yes! I love peaches and custard too! I used to eat oats mixed with custard and peaches for breakfast a lot. Xx I cant wait for fresh peaches to come back into season again. Diced peaches in juice just dont taste the same as fresh. Xx