Friday, 2 October 2015

Being skinny isn't important

As I was watching the movie yesterday, I couldn't help but notice how thin the main characters legs were and I found myself longing for her figure. But then, I asked myself how life would get better for me if I was to look like he girl in the movie and I couldn't think of anything at all. The truth is, I have looked like the girl in the movie before but I was unhappier then and hated myself more then too.

Perhaps the girl in the movie naturally looks like that but something that I must accept is that I DONT. It may be healthy for the girl in the movie to look the way she looks but for me, I cant be happy and healthy at that weight. So I have to choose, be happy and healthy at mu current natural weight or be thinner and miserable. To me, this choice is pretty simple.

And then of course, there is always the possibility that the girl in the movie is not at her natural set point weight either and that she is actually very underweight. Perhaps she has an eating disorder, or maybe she just feels pressured to make her self look the way she does because of the industry she works in. Either way I feel sorry for her if her job makes her feel as though she cant just be herself, as it probably makes her feel as awful as it made me feel.

So I know I shouldn't compare myself to the girl in the movie, or anyone at all for that matter as everyone is so different and you never know what others may be going through. Yes, skinny girls may look beautiful sometimes but so do bigger girls. You DON'T have to be skinny or underweight to be beautiful, you really can be beautiful at any size! And being skinny really is not the thing that should matter most to you in life.

This may be a little depressing to talk about but at your funeral oneday (In a long long time) do you want a loved one to stand up in front of the crowd and say how caring, thoughtful, happy, beautiful, wonderful and brave you were? Or would you rather someone stand up in front of the crowd and say, 'well I don't really have much to say about them but they were skinny'.

At the end of the day, being skinny really means nothing and it makes me so sad to think that I once placed so much value on something that actually is so unimportant. Andn I wish that I could make all of you who are currently struggling see this too. Having a successful life really does not mean looking a certain way, but instead it means being a certain way. It means being a good person who you can be proud of and who others look up to.

Havinga successful life may mean something different to everyone. It could mean having a great career, having a family, being a good person or, if ou are like me, it might just means doing what makes you happy. And I know that being super skinny does not make me happy and that it therefore will not allow me to have a good or successful life. Please, think about what I have aid here really carefully as once you realise that life without anorexia is what will make you truly happy and healthy and once being thing becomes a lot less important to you, recovery really does become possible.

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