Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Mid week madness

After what feels like another hectic day, I am finally sitting down to relax for the rest of the night. After getting up at 6am, having breakfast and writing a post, I took Tess for a nice long walk. It was a lot cooler this morning when I walked Tess then it has been lately (only 4 degrees celcius) but fortunately the sun was still shining and the day warmed up quite quickly.

I had an ok day at work although ny co-worker wasn't very nice to me (which I am just starting to expect as I think it is simply a part of her personality). I tried not to let it bother me but I couldnt help but get a bit upset. It isnt necessarily what she says but instead the tone she speaks to me in. And I also feel as though I need to be perfect all the time as otherwise she will give me a hard time, which really isnt what I need at the moment, whilst I am trying to overcome my perfectionism.

When I got home, it was nice and warm so I decided to take Tess straight for a walk. I Walked Tess to the supermarket so that I could pop in and see my gorgeous cousin Jemma and chat with her as she had to work once she finished school. It was really nice to see her as always and we planned to do something either Thursday afternoon or this weekend. I am so excited about this weekend as it is the first week off work that I have had in ages and my best friend Jocelyn is coming to stay with me for the weekend.
Jemma and I

When I got back home, I cookef myself special egg fried rice with extra vegetables. It was super delicious as always.  After tea I spent almost an hour trying to tidy up my house a little as it was in a huge mess. I didnt get a chance to do any house work on the weekend as I worked and went out so there were clothes scattered everywhere. I feel nuch better now I have atleast made a start to tidying up my house as I hate mess and wont have quite as much to do on Thursday which is my next day off.

I just got out of the shower and had some watermelon and a bowl of icecream for dessert. The icecream is a 'lolly bag' tub with musk flavour, banana lolly flavour and bubblegum flavour. I highly reccommend this type of icecream as it is super delicious. My favourite of the three flavours was the musk. Now I am planning on just laying on the couch and watching The biggest looser before going to bed. I hope your week is going great! :) xx


  1. That ice cream looks amazing!! Never heard of anything like it before! Xxx

    1. It is sooo yummy! There is also a show bag tub that has popcorn, fairy floss and toffee apple flavours that I want to try next! Xx

  2. Wow, that ice cream looks delish! How have I not seen that?! Musk sticks were always my favourite, and I used to love banana paddlepops.


    1. It was super good! You should try it. I finished the whole tub in a week or two haha! Xx