Monday, 20 April 2015

Freezing morning

Although we are only half way through Autumn, it is already starting to feel like winter. When I got up this morning I instantly noticed how cold the air felt, even inside the house. Luckily my fire was still burning a little so I could put some more wood on that and try and warm the house. When I turned the tap on to get a glass of water, the water felt as cold as ice and when I put my clothes on out of my wardrobe they were really cold and damp.

When I opened my door to let Tess in this morning she met me at the door. I always tie her up to her kennel each night but apparently she must have got tangled in the fence by her kennel during the night and slipped her collar. I am really lucky that she stayed here all night and didn't go anywhere. I couldn't bare it if she went misssing or something happened to her. I let her in inside and got myself some breakfast which I ate while watching some Grays anatomy.

I put on an extra few layers of clothes this morning before heading out for my walk with tess as it was still only 5 degrees celcius when we went. I shouldn't complain too much about the weather as besides being cold it is still a reasonabely nice day as the sun is bright and there is no rain or wind. While I was walking Tess I began thinking about different ideas for blog posts. I decided to make a list on my phone of all my ideas so that I wouldn't forget them. Our walk took a little longer than usual as I found myself stopping every 30 seconds or so to write down my ideas but i'm glad I did as now I have a great list of topics I look forward to writing about and sharing with you over the next few weeks.

I am working today so better keep getting ready or I will be late. Have a great day everyone and keep on fighting! :) X

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