Thursday, 7 May 2015

A really good day

Today has been a really good day! For some reason I have felt extra positive all day with minimal anxiety. I didn't get as many anorexic thoughts as I would usually and any that I have had, I could get rid of relatively easily. Perhaps this is an indication that my mind is starting to repair now that I am nourishing my body with lots of food? I also had a good nights sleep last night which always helps me to think more clearly and rationally.

So I havent found eating my meals that difficult today which is a huge bonus. The only thing is that I am feeling as though my stomach is sticking out and getting bigger but at this stage I am just telling myself it is in my head. I have always had a tiny waist, even before I lost weight, I just wasnt happy with the rest of my body (in particularly my legs, bum and arms). It feels really weird to be worried about my stomach and not my bum or legs which is what I always worried about while I was developing anorexia.
My tea tonight: mild beef and vegetable curry with carrots and peas
I didn't do anything really exciting but enjoyed having some time on my own to relax. I took Tess on two walks but they were only short as it was so cold and windy. I didnt get around to baking today so instead I bought a cream filled lamington sponge role. I plan to have a piece of this with an Up And Go for morning tea each day over the next few days. I know that bought baked goods are never quite the same as homemade ones but hopefully it will still be yummy.

I went and picked Amy up after school so she didn't have to  walk and she was happy to see me which always makes me feel good. Even though she is only 12 she always knows exactely what to say to make me feel good and happy. She always gives me a hug and kiss when she sees me or when I say goodbye to her no matter who is around. I love it when she does this as it makes me feel as though she truly is proud of the fact I am her sister.

We started watching the movie My Sisters Keeper, which is one of my all time favourite movies. I have seen it many times but Amy has only ever seen bits and pieces of it, she has never actually watched it from start to finish. This movie is the only movie I have ever cried in and I still cry every time I watch it. It does not only have one part that is sad, it has sad parts all the way through it. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly reccommend watching it (but if I were you I would have some tissues ready). ;)

I have just had a really yummy dessert which was hot butterscotch sponge pudding with lots of vanilla icecream and I will have a hot chocolate before I go to bed. I will try to go to sleep early as I am working tomorrow and dont want to be tired. Then I have the weekend off which I am also looking forward to.I hope that you had a good day today or if your day is just starting, I hope you have an equally good day as I have had.



  1. Hi!
    I just don't know where should I ask this so...
    How could you make a menu under your blog description? Can you help me? becouse I just can't do pages like on your site. :(

    1. Of course! I am guessing you have created the pages already but they just arent appearing? First click on lay out down the left hand side of your screen from your blogger home screen. Than find the pages section and click on edit. it then should take you to a menu where you must manually add all of the pages you have created to you blog. I hope this has been helpful. Just let me know if you are still having trouble. X btw what is the link to your blog? I would love to have a look :)