Wednesday, 6 May 2015

photo post

Right now I am in my lunch break so dont have enough time to do a big post but wanted to share some pictures I took today.

Tess glad to be inside out of the terrible weather.

Luckily I didnt make Tess sleep outside last night, this is how I found her kennel this morning. Unfortunately it is still pretty windy now.

What I had for lunch: I felt like something different so I had 2 toasted crumpets with raspberry fruit spread and banana custard. Remember it is ok to alter you meal plan sometimes as long as you are still eating as much :)

A quck 'selfie' of me. As you can see I dont wear a lot of makeup as I would rather look more natural. Here I just have a bit of tinted moisturizer on and some mascara. Luckily my skin is starting to look clearer too :D

I hope everyone is having a great day x

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