Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Super yummy afternoon tea

Since mum and dad are both working, Amy has come to my house after school. I havent done very much today besides resting but I feel fantastic for it. I always find it is so much easier to think more rationally and clearly when i'm not tired. I find that I am most vulunerable to my anorexia when I am exhausted or stressed which is why I avoid getting like this as much as possible. I know that while I am feeling energised and refreshed I am in the best frame of mind to fight my anorexic thoughts.

For afternoon tea I had grapes and I also tried a Cadbury Marvelous creations icecream which was so delicious. It consisted of creamy vanilla flavoured ice cream loaded with jelly and choc honeycomb pieces coated in Cadbury dairy milk chocolate and cookie pieces. 


I dont know if these icecreams are available in the parts of the world you live in but if they are I highly reccommend them. They taste simply amazing. I would also like to try the other two flavours. There is also a banana candy bubblegum fudge cookie flavour and a Jelly popping candy and beanies flavour.


  1. Hey karly :)
    First of all: congratulations to your new car!! :))

    I never saw this type of ice cream in Germany. But it really sounds delicious. Sad, that sending ice cream wont be possible :( :D
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hey Anna,
      Yeah its a shame I cant send you some in the post haha ;)
      Do you have cadbury chocolate in Germany? X

  2. I have never seen these in ice cream form but in the UK, we have them in chocolate form - there's one with jelly pieces and popping candy! X