Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day but mum had to work all day so I just spent the day with my sister Amy. Amy and I were both tired after our big day at the football yesterday so went to bed pretty early last night. Because I went to bed early I also woke up really early, at about 2 am and have barely gotten any sleep since. By about 4am I was fed up with tossing and turning so got up and put on one of my series; Love Child.

Love Child is set in Australias Kings Cross in the year 1969. I really enjoy watching tv series like these that teach you a bit of Australian history as well as having an excellent story line. The actual story is about a group of young girls who each fell pregnant out of wedlock and were then sent to a special home so that they would not disgrace their families names. It also shows alot from the inside of the maternity ward of the general hospital where one of the main characters, a midwife works.

I had my breakfast early, about two hours before Amy even woke up. When Amy got up I made her some breakfast, ate my morning Tea and then took Tess for a quick walk to the Supermarket to do some shopping. When I got back Amy and I watched some grays anatomy before having lunch. After lunch I went to find mum a mothers day present (nothing like leaving things to the last minute) and found a really nice photo frame. The frame read;

I thought it was a lovely verse and the style of frame also really suited our beautiful old home. Amy and I just took it really easy for the afternoon. She wrote in her diary and I blogged while we listened to some Taylor Swift, one of our favourite singers.

Since it was mothers day I went and had tea with the rest of my immediate family including both my nans and one of my uncles. It was nice to be all together as I really cant remember the last time I was at home with both my parents, both my brothers and also my sister.  

We had steak cooked on the barbeque which was a huge step for me. Although I loved steak before I got sick, tonight is the first time I have eaten it in three years and it was truly delicious. I could  tell my dad was proud of me for eating what the rest of the family did and this made up for any anxiety or worries I had over eating the steak. Since I got back home I had my increased dessert as well as a hot chocolate. 

I had to add some stewed peaches to my dessert as I havent made any more puddings since I have decided to increase the portion size of my dessert. Instead of making the puddings in a big dish, I seperate the mixture into muffin pans before cooking them so I am left with lots of single serve portions. This means I can freeze the portions easily and I also find that it avoids the mess associated with cutting into a big pudding and eating it over a number of days.

I hope everyone had a truly fantastic mothers day :D

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