Thursday, 21 May 2015

Recovery Tattoos

I have wanted to get a tattoo for some time now but havent been sure what to get and where to get it. I always knew that I wanted to get something that was relevent to or symbolised recovery for me. I feel as though now is a great time to get a tattoo as for the first time I am truly starting to recover. I have not always been a fan of tattoos and I would never permanently print just any old picturen or word on my skin but I think I would like to get one that has a special meaning to me. 

I want something that is both relevent to my anorexia as well as my anxiety. I wondered about getting the words BREATHE & BELIEVE tattooed somwhere as both of these are very relevent to me. Just Breathe is what I tell myself to do whenever I am feeling anxious and also whenever my anorexic thoughts are most powerful. No matter how hard anything seems all you need to do is keep breathing and remember that these hard times do pass and life does get easier.
Believe is the other word that holds great meaning for me. I think that recovery is only possible when you start believing it is possible. You need to believe that you deserve to recover and that you are strong enough to recover in order to actually do so. These two words are great reminders for me no matter what I am going through In life. No matter what problems I face in life, I know that I will get through them if I am able to simple breathe and believe.

If I decided to get a picture with the words I would either get a bird or a butterfly as both of these animals hold a special meaning to me. I believe that a bird symbolizes becoming free of my eating disorder and therefore being able to live my life, exactly the way I want and deserve to live it. A butterfly holds similar meaning for me but it also represents recovery for me because of the Butterfly Foundation. In Australia The butterfly foundation is the main organisation whose primary role is to support those suffering from eating disorders as well as their families and friends. If I am not sure whether or not I wanted to get a picture aswell as words, I can always just get the words now and go back and fet the picture later if I wish.


I have no idea where I would get the tattoo. People say things like, 'you dont want it to be somewhere that will visible in your wedding dress when you get married' but I dont think you should be getting a tattoo that you are not proud for people to see, even on your wedding day. I dont think there is any point in getting a tattoo if it is completely covered up all the time or you can never see it. I think I would like to get it either on one of my wrists, forearms or on one of my feet. Not for any particular reason, just because I think tattoos in those places look nice.

What are your thoughts on my tattoo ideas? 


  1. Great idea!! I have got once since monday :D
    I'll send you a picture ♡

  2. I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo myself for years and years but something keeps making me chicken out of it! I quite often 'Google' possible images, and even a few weeks ago found some that I would like. I would like a tattoo on my foot, just a little one, and definitely with the anorexia recovery logo in it. I have seen one with the anorexia recovery logo and then little footsteps walking off from it, I really like that one. There's another one I've seen which is the anorexia recovery logo combined with a cross to symbolise my Christian faith. It's beautiful and I'd quite like that on my wrist perhaps. Xxx

    1. The cross because of your faith combined with the recovery logo sounds great! ♥

    2. Its not a bad thing that you havent rushed into it though. It has given you lots of time to think about what you would like to get that obviously has special meaning to you. They are some wonderful ideas. <3