Tuesday, 29 September 2015

forgiving yourself

Although I have spent the last 24 hours really upset and frustrated with myself for something that happened at work yesterday, I have finally realised that beating myself up wont help matters at all. I have always been a perfectionist and have always been very hard on mysef whenever I made mistakes.

The thing that I need to keep reminding myself is that everybody makes mistakes and no one can be perfect all the time. I think that it is important that I can learn to accept this simple truth, that no one can be perfect all the time. Just as important is that I learn how to forgive ourselves, if ever things don't work out the way I would have liked them too or if I make a mistake.

Sometimes unfortunate things happen and sometimes we may be partly responsible for these things happening but there is no point in continuing to feel guilty and upset about these types of things forever. We need to be able to accept any mistakes that we may make in life, learn from them and move on.

So right now I am going to forgive myself for what has gone wrong, learn from my mistake and just do everything in my power to stop it from ever happening again. There is still a chance that the situation will be resolved but if not, it isnt the end of the world. I should just be grateful that I am healthy and I should not waste anymore time being unhappy, especially since being unhappy won't solve any problems.

Remember that no matter what mistakes you may make in life, all that matters is that you learn from them and do everything in your power to make things better. Nobody else is perfect in this world and you are no different. So forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in the past and move forward. Making mistakes really is inevitable but letting them get you down isn't!  

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