Friday, 21 August 2015

A big day

Today has been quite a long day but it has also been quite a good day. I got up nice and early as usual, caught up on some blogging, ate breakfast and started getting ready. I took Tess for a nice walk which we both really enjoyed. It wasn't quite as cold this morning as it has been over the last week or so which was a nice change.

I had to drive to Bicheno to work which I was a bit ervous about as it was the first time I had driven along the road that I had my accident on. I could feel myself getting more and more anxious as I got closer and closer to the spot where I actually had my accident but I knew that I just had to be brave and stay calm. Fortunately I got to work in one piece and had a good day at work.

Since getting home tonight, I have picked Amy up because she is staying with me for the night. At the moment we are watching the movie Avatar but we will probably go to bed as soon as it finishes as I am eally tired and we both have to get up quite early in the morning. I have to drive her to her Dance lesson in the morning as mum is working and then I am babysitting my cousins tomorrow night.

I am looking forward to having a proper rest day on Sunday as it has been very hectic these past few weeks and it will be the last day I have off in a while. So I am planning on spending most of the day just resting on the couch as well as doing some study as I have an assesment on Monday morning for my certificate 3 in business. I hope that everyone has a fatastic weekend! :) x

 My two gorgeous girls


  1. I'm so glad you went past the point where you had your accident without any problem. You're so brave. You were bound to be a bit anxious, but the main thing is that you faced your fear and did it anyway. That is so couragous of you! I hope you have a really good weekend, and especially a restful time on Sunday! Xoxo