Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A strange feeling

Over the last few days, I have had a really strange feeling that I cant even really explain. It is similar to how I feel when I am really anxious about something or if I feel guilty about something. This is really strange as I dont really have anything in particular to feel anxious or guilty about. It is also similar to how I used to feel leading up to a test or exam when I was at university or if I was about to swim in a race when I was younger however I really dont have anything to be nervous or worried about either.

It is causing me to get a tightness in my chest or a knot like feelling and it is also making me feel on edge all the time. It almost feels as though I am permanently on the verge of a panic attack however it just isn't happening. Despite this I am feeling quite positive and happy about everything at the moment and am not letting this strange feeling ruin my days. It is almost as if I have done something wrong but just dont know it yet or I have some other reason why I should be feeling anxious. Does anyone else have any experience of this type of feeling?

It really is strange and I cant explain it any better then I already have as I am even really confused by it. I just thought perhaps some of you may have experienced something similar. Usually when I am feeling anxious I can identify exactly what it is that is causing my anxiety. Perhaps this however is just general anxiety I am experiencing, for no particular reason at all. I am glad that I am staying so busy with work at the moment as I feel as though if I wasn't as busy, I would be more likely to let this strange feeling stop me from being my happy and cheerful self.


  1. Hi Karly, I do experience this feeling at times. Although mine is usually regarding weight. I stress if I haven't put on and then I stress if I haven't or lost. It's a terrible feeing. Also if somethings coming up and its causing me grief or I'm anxious about it. Perhaps somethings going on in your life which is out of your control and you are having these feelings. With me I don't even no sometimes what I am worried about. Take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy. It shows me you've been going to hard in life and your body needs time to rest and be nurtured. The worst thing to do is to focus on how you are feeling. Just remember its just a feeling an the more you worry about it the worse it can get. Not sure thats terribly helpful but I so hope you start feeling better. Take care of yourself as you are special and have done so well to get where you are.

    1. Thank you so much Sonya for sharing your experience of this with me and also for your wonderful advice and insight. It has been really helpful so thank you again. I really appreciate it. I hope you are happy and healthy. Stay strong and keep fighting. :) x