Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Current eating plans

At the moment, I am still continuing to eat 6 meals per day and I am also eating atleast 2500 calories per day as I believe that this is a sufficient amount for me to maintain on. I am now however also trying to take the first few steps towards eating intuitively. For me this involves starting to try and listen to my body more instead of just eating routinely as I have been doing for the last few years.

This will mean eating a little extra sometimes if I am feeling particularly hungry (although I will never eat less then 2500 calories per day). This will also mean eating whenever I feel hungry and not waiting for set meal times. I believe if I start listening to my body a little more again now, this will make it much easier when I start trying to eat completely intuitively.

My Breakfast, Lunch and Tea from today;
Berry Oats with Cashew Butter on toast

1 pear, 1 berry greek yoghurt and 2 crumpets with cream cheese

Beef and tomato ravioli with extra mixed vegetables

I have also started reading a book called 'Eat' that will hopefully help me to regain a healthy relationship with food and to start eating freely and intuitively again. I will let you all know if I read anything in the book that I find particularly helpful or interesting.

I also think that starting to eat intuitively is really important for me as this is the best way for me to find out whether I have reached my natural set point weight or not. While I think I have reached a healthy weight for me, I can not be sure until my weight stays the same for a reasonable amount of time whilst eating competely intuitively. 

I hope that I have reached my natural set point weight as I actually dont mind my body the way it currently is. In saying this however, if I am still yet to reach my natural set point weight I know that gaining more weight is what I need to do as making a full recovery from anorexia will be impossible otherwise. AND I SIMPLY REFUSE TO STOP FIGHTING UNTIL I HAVE MADE A FULL RECOVERY!

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