Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Getting my life back

As I have mentioned before, now that I am geting so much healthier, I am starting to want to socialise more again and enjoy my life the way a 20 year old should be. This has beeen quite hard hwever as although I want to start socialisiing again, I no longer really fit into the asocial groups that already exost in the little town I live in and I am  quite shy when it comes to going out and socialising by myself.

This Satrday night however I have planned to go out for tea witth a really nice girl who I met at the party a couple of weeks ago as well as two of my cousins who I get along with really well too. I have to work on both Saturday and Sunday which is a bit of ashaim however I am not going to let this stop me from going out and having a nice girls night out. Afterall, life is supposed to be hectic and busy when you are young and I really do just want to have some fun and live in the moment a little.

I really cant wait to have a night out with the girls and hope that it is just the first of many more  to come!