Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Concentrating on the positives

If you had half a glass of water, would you say that the glass was half full or half empty? A few years ago, I would have definetely said that the glass was half empty. Now however, I have developed a more optimistic attitude and would instead consider the glass to be half full. I hightly reccommend that you try and become more optimistic as it really is easier to enjoy life and stay happy if you concentrate on all of the wonderful things in your life. 

1. My skin is really good a the moment and all of my my old sores are starting to heal and all of my old scars are starting to fade. Ihavent actually had a new pimple or skin infection for ages :)

2. Whiel I was walking my dog this morning i called my sister annd had a lovely chat with her. I haven't talked to her for a few days so it was really nice to catch up with her. Hearing her orgeous voive really put me in a great mood.

3. Since one of the other Swansea girls was heading to Bicheno to work at the bank today, luckily I could get a lift with them so didn't need to drive myself which was a bonus. Each day I work at Bicheno I spend over an hour driving which usess quite a lot of fuel which is expensive.

4. I had a really good appetite all day today which meant tthat I really enjoyed each and every one of my meals. I also felt no guilt at all after eating any of my meals which is a fantastic feeling.

5. I had a really productive day at work today and got lots of work done. I found it easier to concentrate fully on my work then I usually do and I can feel myslef getting more confident and competent every single day.


  1. Yay for positivity all the way! Xox

    1. Staying positive really does make the owrld of difference! I am so happy that you have been feeling slightly better and more positive lately Annie. You are such a wonderful person, you really do deserve happiness! <3 Karly xx

    2. Positivity is so much better than the darkness, I love it! You are wonderful too and deserve all the happiness you can get :) <3 xox